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My name is Mike Hollingshead, I'm a storm chaser from Nebraska. Growing up here it is easy to become fascinated by storms. I always watched them from around town as a kid. In 1999 I set out on my first chase, which I wound up seeing a tornado on. From then on I was hooked.

At first all I had was a really cheap video camera. It took seeing a really wild stormy sunset in 2002 to decide, posting video captures of stuff like that to the site wasn't going to cut it. It wasn't doing scenes any justice. So in July 2002 I bought my first still camera.

Each year I drive around 20,000 miles just chasing storms, 30 days average. Some years only 2 or 3 days might be worth it. It is sort of strange to keep trying, as much frustration as there really is in chasing. You can leave at sunrise, drive 7 hours and learn in those 7 hours your target is very likely going to bust now(too many clouds, too long lasting morning storms, just a number of reasons). Then turn the car around and start those 7 hours back home. 7 hours of beating yourself up over having left home in the first place, often tired ones. Repeat many times a year, likely consecutive days. The draw to the sky when it really goes crazy is worth all the time and effort.

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