Looping gifs

Single Photo gifs

Click on any to view HD versions(1920x1080). Some are 20-30 megabytes and take a second to load.

It took some time, ok a lot of time, but I finally figured out how to do these from single photographs.  Not a sequence of stills, just one single still.  Done entirely in photoshop.  I have a section detailing how included in my 8 hour photography tutorial video HERE, which also contains everything else I know photography/processing.

More will be added as I get time.  They take some practice, which I still need more of.  

Timelapse gif

These here are more like cinemagraphs.  Just one so far is.  But the main point is that they use a series of images of real motion.  Those in the first section are different, as they are soley one image made to loop.  The frozen lightning bolt one, with the moving field, is really the only cinemagraph on here.  These are a lot more enjoyable to do, as they are 1000x easier than the single photo ones.  Wish I'd shot more time lapse stuff now.  I need to figure out stack aligning for the couple drone ones.  Photoshop's attempt actually aligns them worse than they start off. 

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