Stock Image Licensing:

If you want to license a photo for a use, simply get the file number beneath the image in the Stock section and e-mail me with the planned use details. I'm always around a computer so this can be done quite quickly. Contact email is shown above(just an image so not clickable). If that doesn't get through try twitter or facebook. Apparently a lot of e-mails weren't getting through to my old address, so hopefully this works better.


My name is Mike Hollingshead. As a kid I used to believe I could control the wind, that I could will it to blow harder. After driving way too many miles following clouds now, I am sure I cannot. Ironically the wind wound up controlling me.

I think the trips section should sum up this about section well enough.


The photos have been used in a lot of ways now. Above are a few of the more fun ones. Opening of True Detective, finale of Dexter, early in Take Shelter, scene in Exodus. Fluke National Geographic cover. Max Steel movie should use some too, that is if it ever comes out.

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