October 23, 2012 Random Images

Here are some random images from several different outings. I go out a lot and don't always come home with much. And if I do, I delete the piss out of things lol. This first one for instance was a nice "sea out fog" morning. Shot the heck out of it and kept 2. Almost more of 1.5, this one and another I'll probably just delete. Cattle feeding on the hills as the sun rises. The nice fog was rapidly blowing away by now.

One of several morning steam tries at Desoto. Nice rays through the trees.

Same time and location as the rays before. It's kinda annoying that in this location if you have the light rays deal, you probably also have a nice fogbow going on behind you. Hmmm, perhaps a fisheye is in order. I got so wet and weedy trying to put the sunflowers with either or.

Some other morning at Desoto with a lot of steam. I think it actually made the teens this morning.

Some random evening as I messed with new camera gear. I think either a canon 50 or sigma 50 was on. Certain rail cars would reflect the sunset. This train was hauling ass by this point, which made standing much near it a bit unnerving. Had to be pushing 60mph.

Maybe this was the morning in the teens. I think it was. I thought it was mostly a loss of a trip till I walked further along the bank and this unfolded.

Thought it looked cool at this point how it was lighting up the steam a little oddly.

Some random night at Desoto. I realized the sun was now setting almost straight in line with this long road. So I waited a bit for it. I then thought it needed some dust, so I raced my car down it then back to my camera and got some shots before it all settled again.

Kinda cool and pretty full of ops if one had another person for posing purposes. A turkey tried to fill in but he was a bit too fast for me. I tried to will a deer to walk out of the trees down there, but that wasn't happening either. Will have to wait another year to try as that stupid place closes "for the birds" now. 10 snow geese show up there. Meanwhile 1,000,000+ show up at Squaw Creek NWR and they don't close up shop. The birds don't give a damn either. See the geese section of my stock images. Desoto has a way of being annoying. It's close by yet doesn't get any migration really, yet it also closes crap up for winter "for the birds" and you have to pay to go in there. Meanwhile Squaw is 2 hours away, gets migration, doesn't close up shop, and is entirely free lol.

I've visually seen auroras at least 10 times this year. It's silly. Yet hardly anything crazy has happened. Ready for a nice show. This one was September 30th with a full moon out and a bunch of cirrus. This one early point about now would have ruled simply without the clouds. Even with the moon it was fine. Didn't last long though.

This was October 8th. Just a nice green glow mostly and only during one part was it a bit brighter. Then a bit later some red beams tried to join in but were extremely faint. One this far south should be happy even getting auroras I guess. I've seen them so many times this year it's kinda crazy to me. I should have kept evidence of them all, but I'm a delete happy person. I know it is in the 10 times neighborhood.

I swore I had these last two on here already but evidently not. Had the rented 5D III rented with the 14L II and just got back into town after no sleep trip to the Badlands. My sister had this deal setup so we could shoot at night in Fort Atkinson. I was sooooooo out of it and tired though. Extremely unmotivated and dying to sleep, so I didn't do much with it. I think the first night at the Badlands I got 2hrs of sleep in my car. Then that next day got 3 hours and then 2 hours in the motel before 11pm came around and I was back out shooting there. Then up all that night and drove back home this day and went straight here.

This has a lot of potential for various photo ops if one thinks to do it. We accidently stumbled onto this in the Badlands on some other trip there. Long shutter, walk away from camera with light shining down from you. Walk slowly. Where your legs are blocks the light shining on the ground area from exposing on the camera, so a leg/foot shadow is left instead. It's easy to screw up and fairly hard to get right. Not bad though after some practice. Wise to not wear flip flops with socks on though, as your ghost doesn't appear so ghostly with socks showing.

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