March 3, 2010 Thick Frost

Desoto Bend looking for thick frost from overnight low fog.

Man this looked crazy crazy as I drove over to the east side of Desoto. I was like, why wasn't I here before sunrise. Some fog was lifted and just making the sun look nuts as it was lower still. I had to race south to put the sun behind the band it is behind.

Corn stalks covered in extremely thick frost. Pretty sure it was mostly hoar frost and not rime ice as it had crystal type plates to a lot of it.

Amazing what one night of thick low freezing fog can do. Talking real low like 50 feet tops. Just get some snow melt during the day, then at night clear skies and calm winds and that moisture turns back to fog and then ice crystals on things. Kind of like the snow really doesn't want to go.

Crazy tree.

That is why it can be hard to do star trail photography with snow here lol. Your camera would look much like that if you left it out.

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