May 31, 2009 Omaha Lightning

Going to keep this one short as far as words. Chased some crapper storms west of Nebraska City, then shot lightning on the north side of them later near Plattsmouth.

Heading home and another batch of storms fires to the north of those, just south of Omaha.

Harley Davidson store south of Council Bluff's Iowa. Wish I could still see the moon but the low clouds were screwing that idea.

I thought shooting from the Casino's/boats would prove interesting. Low clouds still blocking out the moon and much of the storms.

These are shot over the Missouri river looking over south Omaha for those not familiar with the area.

Certainly some potential if you are to shoot here during a better storm.

I'm now near Missouri Valley Iowa as yet another line formed north of that second one(it had died so I left there), this time over Omaha. I wonder what I could have gotten if I was still at the Casino's looking over the river. Figures.

These storms had a rather odd looking feature above them. It looked like a structured shelf up where the anvil would be. Moon sort of visible out west.

It's now, oh around 3:30 a.m. I'm trying to keep my eyes open but failing. So as I prepare to head home for the 4th time, yet again, more storms form north of the southern dying ones. This one here is just west of Blair. The bright light at the bottom is from Cargil. It would have been a lot better had the low clouds not been blocking it. Got home around 4:30 a.m. This really messes with ones sleep pattern.

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