2008 - 2011 Best of Chases

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Video Duration: 1hr 45 minutes

Video Sections

(links are to photo accounts of the chases included on the video)

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Like Instability Released, my other highlight video at the time, this one is packed with crazy storm moments. I left off some good chase days to make sure this video really was best of the best catches in that time frame. It's just loaded with some big and unique moments. Violent Bowdle tornadic storm, Dupree tornadic machine, crazy fog storm in the badlands, the Valentine crazy beast supercell, the Vivian SD storm which produced the world record hail at the time it was producing it(not in that hail) and beyond, Wakita tornado, Ewing NE tornado, Bradshaw NE tornado, wild McCook supercell time-lapse, plus what really is a crazy bird scene worthy of inclusion, the two instances of 1+ million snow geese in a small location, and of course had to include the extremely interesting and odd bugnadoes I'll surely never come across to such a degree again. I've always felt pretty darn happy and content with Instability Released, due to jamming it with select best of storms over several years. I will now for sure feel the same with this video. Both are jammed with goodies. An idea of the content can be seen below using the photography accounts of those chases. Keep in mind several of these were wild over a long duration of their lives.

Discrete 2008-2011 Best of Chases Highlight Video Sample

June 18, 2008 Badlands, South Dakota - Fog Storm

About 3 minutes of a rather odd "fog storm" around sunrise in the badlands of South Dakota. Seriously a what the hell morning surprise, while there taking photos. The video includes a short early segment showing it out there, then I had to stop to take the photos, then the video starts again when it is hitting.

July 13, 2009 Kadoka SD to Valentine NE Supercell

About 11 minutes for this truly insane supercell. Likely the most messed up storm I've seen to date. Jaw dropping structure, barely west of the highway the whole time. Up close and personal view of just what can happen in the sky with a crazy storm. Felt like one was on the wrong planet.

May 10, 2010 Wakita Oklahoma Multi-vortex Tornado

6 minutes of the wild multi-vortex producing supercell near Wakita Oklahoma.

May 22, 2010 Bowdle South Dakota Violent Wedge Tornado

22 minutes for the most intense tornadic supercell I've seen to date, with some close range footage included. It's basically uncut footage from the beginning to end of the Bowdle tornado. I cut out the post-Bowdle tornado stuff to save room for other sections. The stuff before the start of the Bowdle tornado and the stuff after that I got, just felt like fluff after the Bowdle tornado and storm at the time.

June 16, 2010 Dupree South Dakota Tornadoes

20 minutes of the stationary tornadic machine near Dupree SD. More or less the whole time is solid tornado video(just like Bowdle), as the storm produces an amazing long-lived large tornado, then several others, some at the same time. The main tornado is truly mesmerizing with it's motion and shape changing, all while basically sitting in one spot. First it was going east slowly, then west as a beast, then eventually back east as a rope.

July 23, 2010 Vivian South Dakota Beast Supercell

13minute clip of a South Dakota beast supercell. This storm drops world record setting 8 inch diameter hail in Vivian, that's right....8 inch diameter hail. One of the few videos you'll find of the storm at the time it was producing the world record hail. If only I knew and was in the core at the time. It took on even better structure after the record hail.

June 19, 2011 McCook Nebraska Supercell

I cut this down to just the time-lapse east of McCook and the time-lapse of stills at night of the silly structure. A minute and a half for this. A truly freakish looking storm at night.

June 20, 2011 Bradshaw Nebraska Tornado

12 minutes for a pretty close intercept of the Bradshaw NE tornado. Best part may have just been the view straight up at the vortex overhead, while the ground circulation crossed the highway a bit east.

August 18, 2011 Ewing Nebraska Tornado

About 6 minutes for a tornado near Ewing Nebraska. Windshield cracking hail just before the tornado.

Spring 2011 1.3 Million Snow Goose Migration - Squaw Creek

8 minutes of what is bird absurdity during 2 extreme snow geese migrations in spring 2009 and spring 2011. This many of them in one small location doesn't happen often on this planet. It's beyond a crazy sight.

July 4, 2011 Bugnadoes

3 minutes of a tall and long-lived bugnado. That's right, a tornado of bugs/midges. It has to be pretty darn rare to get one this tall and long-lived in one location like it was, and to be there for it as well. They were around due to huge flooding this year, long-lived flooding. Even so, after catching this display, I tried night after night to do it again and it was never even close. What a bizarre scene!