March 2, 2010 Murray Hill Moon-lit Night Fog

Low moon-lit fog. It was always just too breezy to let it get very thick.

This was all from the cold night Chris Allington and I did star trails up there, through sunrise. This cloud deck made for a rather cool time lapse as light rays shined down on the fog below.

Fog streaming across the country road below. Looks like a light pillar too.

Twilight kicking in before sunrise.

I royally messed this one up. Bands of fog started to roll through those hills to the east. I somehow bumped the focus so it was off some, just enough. The bad part of running around like mad trying to capture the changing morning scenes....not paying attention.

And this thing happens which the camera can't do justice to at all. A tidal wave of fog was flowing south fast. We weren't in it at all though. It kept climbing taller as the sun rose, never letting the sun get above it. It was just amazing. Images of it look like ass. I ran down there into it for a second, as I couldn't help myself. This is one of those things that really really should have had video taken of.

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