November 2009 Squaw Creek Herons

Herons, herons, and more herons. There is a bald eagle over the water too. Several eagles were perched in the trees here, evidently waiting on the herons to catch something big. Lighting sucked this particular day.

Guessing I had the 600mm and 1.4x on for this one. It was fun to watch them tilt their heads around as they peered through the water.

Cormorant I believe. Extremely cropped in obviously.

Pretty cool what you can get with a high quality 840mm view lol. Cropped in some.

Please don't let me be reborn as a fish. They get swallowed whole. They must just swim around in the stomach acid till they die.

It's a heron lol. I'm going to miss having that lens setup.

Looks like you can see his tongue.

Probably too much detail, oh well.

They were snatching fish out of this place like it was nothing. The cormorants were even better at it, seriously snatching them out one after another.

Pig! It was amazing just how many they would stuff on down there. Bottomless pit.

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