June 2, 2005 Limon CO Supercell

Supercell with not so great structure nw of Limon.

Hmmm the structure is quickly changing as inflow increases both at the ground with some blowing dust and aloft with clouds streaming nw into the updraft. You can make out an early rfd notch.

RFD and core wrapping in fairly hard now. Note the odd pointed lowering thingy way back in there.

Huge rfd cut with huge hail core now. This thing was just starting to get going and would be soon going crazy on Limon, just se of this location. I leave now and plan to head se of Limon, as it was moving that way on radar(nearly straight se).

I don't like messing with gas out there so I decided to quickly top off in Limon. It was interesting as the storm was raging, sirens blaring, tumbleweeds racing nw into it and it was almost overhead now.

Tumbleweed tracer going home.

Looking nw back towards Limon. You could see the lonnng beavertail it now has stretching east.

As it got closer this low wall of scud forms around the circulation. It was almost like breathing on cold glass how quickly it just forms. It was at this same point the first east jog shows on radar. It was doing just fine going se why it had to go east NOW I don't know. It really sucked though as I spend the next 40 minutes or so racing east on gravel roads.

Still on the highway looking north, wondering what to do about the road options.

Near Hugo CO. about to blast east as that east jog looks to continue.

Somewhere in no mans land, east of Hugo, looking north towards Flagler(I think).

Same road. I go east again about the same distance I already have. Note the 2 mid-level bands and the one low level one going east. Pretty cool, but man oh man do I wish I had known it was going east at Limon. I would have stayed up on 70 this whole time.

I finally get ne of it at Seibert but it was losing its structure. Back west when in Seibert(east of the town here) I talked with Amos who was heading back south for new storms and I had a decision to make. I could go east and see if this re-organized or drop back south where I came. More often than not instead of driving too far for something I can't see I usually just stick to the storm I'm on. This can be bad or good but for whatever reason I rarely leave a storm if it looks like it has a remote chance of re-organizing. It was still a hard decsion when in Seibert with this thing almost on me. Then I looked back south and the highway was being engulfed by the nasty hail core. So there was now no choice but to go east.

Not long into the trip east the storm starts to crank again. These two horses on the other side of this shed were not enjoying this storm. They started running around after a couple close bolts.

While moving east on the highway(24 I think) dust began lifting off the surface and was racing west, at high speeds ahead of this storm. That is what it did back at Limon, at the moment it looked the most outflow dominant.

This road goes directly south. I'm getting pelted with quarter sized hail well ne of the worst part. Hail was getting larger and larger but I held out as long as I could.

It got rather electrified right at this point, with a few very close cgs. There are horses on the other side of that outbuilding hiding, from the hail.

I raced east and it slowly lost its organization again. I noticed a bow trying to get going nw of Goodland and figured I could beat it to Goodland if I huried. I wanted to be in it. The south side of it just gets Goodland. I had time to get just one shot before dust went flying. The first gustfront was nothing at all but a bit later it was pretty windy and dirty.

Sitting outside of the Super 8.

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