October 1, 2013 Iowa Auroras

Not a whole lot to say on this one. Big CME hits earlier than expected. I drove over to Iowa after dark and saw some faint green hanging in the sky. The plots though were starting to go crazy, with Bz going -30 south for a while. That is at the spacecraft out in space though, so there is a delay in when that reaches Earth. Often 30-40 minutes. You could tell off that something was likely to happen. And well this happened. A bit before midnight bright red auroras erupted for 15 minutes or so.

I realize I need a new foreground for auroras and other stuff. I want to get overhead great auroras from here first though. Thought that might happen this night but nope. It was the best showing I have from this spot though.

It didn't stay this cool long before it retreated into a green-white glow without much definition. Stayed out till 3 a.m. keeping it honest. There was one spurt around 2 that was ok, but not great.

First images shot with the Sigma 50 on the 6D. This one is the Zeiss 21mm on the 6D.